The Short Answer

Brian Hayes is the creator and owner of Lingua Sports Cards.  Brian began collecting sports cards as a youngster while growing up in Iowa during the 1980s and 1990s, and has come back to the hobby as an adult.  LinguaSportsCards.com is a site about baseball cards, basketball cards, and football cards.  Particular emphasis is given to the 1990s card market, although cards from all collecting eras are discussed here.

Brian lives in the Washington DC metropolitan area with his wife and two young sons.  Other than sports and sports cards, Brian’s other great interest includes learning about modern China and studying Mandarin.

The Long(er) Answer

Find blog posts that are catergorized “Card Collecting Journey”


Do you have questions and/or suggestions for LinguaSportsCards.com?  Brian can be reached in a variety of ways:

  • via email at bhayes@linguasportscards.com
  • on Twitter @linguaspcards
  • on the YouTube Channel “Lingua Sports Cards”