Card Collecting Journey, March 2018

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It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?  Although I haven’t been regularly posting over the last few weeks, I have spent much of this time contemplating the future of Lingua Sports Cards – thinking about what direction I want to take the site moving forward.  What topics do I want to write about?  How often?  Who is my intended audience?  How often do I sprinkle in a China-related post?  How do I make the site more vibrant?  And there are many more questions as well.

While I am still working out the answers to these queries, I can assure you that changes will be coming in one shape or another.  These changes will make more user-friendly, enjoyable, and above all, informative.  One major decision that I can introduce today is that from this point forward, I will keep content from my YouTube Channel separate from  This means that I will no longer be embedding my YouTube videos on  So if you haven’t checked me out on YouTube yet, feel free to do so anytime (in fact, my most recent video went live only a few days ago).  What I’ve come to realize is that many of my YouTube videos don’t make for great blog entries here on  So instead of trying to make all of my content fit in one place, I think it is better to use YouTube for its intended purpose (videos only), and for written hobby commentary and articles.  I want to be a place where I can focus on great and consistent writing.  Mixing in video-only posts just doesn’t jive well with this goal.

So in summary, Lingua Sports Cards will be split into two separate media types.  My YouTube channel will be used as a space for me to discuss my recent card pick-ups, do box-breaks, and interact with other YouTube channels. will offer more hobby analysis, hobby history, and player commentary.  I do not know how long it will take me to fully implement these changes (family/work commitments and Chinese studying remain extremely time-consuming), but the joy that Lingua Sports Cards has brought me during the past several months ensures that I will be back, and (hopefully) better than ever.   As always, I thank-you for your patience.


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  1. I think you have made a wise choice Brian on separating the two media types. It will make this site much more user friendly. I really enjoy your blogging though I havent been on your site lately as I was in China myself for the last few weeks. It is an amazing place. Someday I hope to return.


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