Lingua Sports Cards 1st Anniversary Contest (Closed on 12/25/17)

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Happy Holidays!  Lingua Sports Cards is celebrating its 1st anniversary, and as a big thank you to all of my followers,  I’ll be giving away a small lot of cards that contains Mike Trout, Corey Seager, Robinson Cano, Donovan McNabb, Barry Sanders, and Karl Malone.  Watch the below video to learn more about these cards and how to enter.  The contest will close on December 25th, so don’t miss out.  One winner will be chosen at random.


Thanks everybody for participating in this contest.  See below as I select the winner at random.  I look forward to having more contests in the future, so please be on the lookout.

Word of the Day

pithy – using few words in a clever and effective way; the critic gave the film a pithy review; the book is filled with pithy sayings about love and loss; a pithy little Mother’s Day card


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