Second Year Standouts: 1999/00 Upper Deck Black Diamond Final Cut, Paul Pierce

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Pierce Black Diamond FrontThe Upper Deck Black Diamond brand first appeared during the late 1990s – precisely the timeframe that my teenage self was transitioning away from the hobby.  As such, I’ve never really built up any familiarity with Black Diamond cards and sets.  But strangely enough, I kind of like knowing so little about the Black Diamond brand.  The joy that comes with discovering new card sets, designs, and themes is what this great hobby is all about. 

Take for example today’s Second Year Standout: 1999/00 Black Diamond Final Cut, Paul Pierce.  I obtained this awesome card a few weeks ago, and it remains the only Black Diamond card in my entire collection.  In fact, I’d never even heard of the Final Cut parallel until I came across it on the Blowout Cards message boards a couple of months ago.  Numbered to only 100, this card features great photography, a full-bleed design, and die-cut technology.  A few thin, straight-line gleams of color completes the ensemble.  The flipside offers another nice photograph and a decent write-up.  Needless to say, I am extremely happy with this card.Pierce Black Diamond Back

That Pierce started his career in the late 1990s and only retired this year is a testament to his athletic ability, mental determination, and competitive drive.  Although he is headed to the Basketball Hall of Fame, Pierce’s presence in the hobby remains understated.  I’ve long felt that his key early cards are underappreciated in collecting circles, and today’s Second Year Standout is certainly no exception.  A low serial numbered, nearly 20 year-old card that features a future Hall of Fame player.  When it comes to basketball cards, that is what I call The Truth.

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