Card Collecting Journey, June 2017

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After about six months of weekly entries, things have definitely slowed down here at Lingua Sports Cards.  There are a couple of reasons for this.

First of all, my family and I recently took a vacation to Kansas City.  We caught two Royals games against the Blue Jays (KC won both!).  These were my first games in Kansas City in 10 years, and my son’s first game ever.  We had a great time.  Going to a game reminded me how awesome an in person baseball game can be.  I guarantee you that I will not wait another 10 years before making it back to KC for a game.  Here is a photo of me with my son:


However, as fun as this vacation was, it took a lot of time and energy to pull it off.  As such, I haven’t had much free time to build up my card collection or post blog entries over the past few weeks.

The second reason why I haven’t posted as much recently is because I am approaching my card collecting budget limit for the year, and as such,  I thought it was time to take a few weeks hiatus from purchasing cards.  But now that July is imminent, I am starting to get an itch again to add more cards to my collection.  To stay within budget over the next few months, I plan to focus less on obtaining high valued cards (the definition of a “high-valued card” differs for everybody – for me, I consider cards valued at $100 or more to be high-valued).  There are a lot of great so-called “lower-end” cards out there, and these will be my focus for the time being.  I actually enjoy the thought of having  a more limited budget over the next few months.  It can be a fun challenge to look for the best deals out there, and only making purchases when the bang for the buck is at its highest.  Stay tuned to see how well I do.  I’ll be sure to describe my progress in the weeks and months ahead.

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contumacious –  stubbornly disobedient; rebellious; the judge threatened to charge the contumacious witness with contempt of court

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