Recent Pickups, 1990s Baseball Cards

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In my next Recent Pickups video, I discuss another solid lineup of rookie and insert cards from the 1990s.  I focus on the early part of the decade this time.  More specifically, I discuss:

  1. 1990 Score Traded, Frank Thomas
  2. 1991 Bowman, Chipper Jones
  3. 1993 Score Franchise, Ken Griffey Jr.
  4. 1994 Leaf Gold Stars Ken Griffey Jr.
  5. 1995 Bowman Gold Foil, Scott Rolen
  6. 1995 Leaf Statistical Standouts, Cal Ripken Jr.
  7. 1996 Flair Powerline, Ken Griffey Jr.
  8. 1996 Pinnacle Essence of the Game, Frank Thomas

Word of the Day

adumbrate – to foreshadow vaguely; intimate; to suggest, disclose, or outline partially; adumbrate a plan; the strife in Bloody Kansas in the 1850s adumbrated the civil war that would follow

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