Recent Pickups, 1990s Basketball Cards

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I add two great Kobe Bryant 1990s inserts (and more) to my collection in my next Recent Pickups video.  More specifically, I discuss:

  1. 1989/90 Hoops (Series 1), David Robinson
  2. 1989/90 Hoops (Series 2), David Robinson
  3. 1990/91 Fleer Update, Gary Payton
  4. 1996/97 Bowman’s Best Honor Roll Atomic Refractor, S. Pippen / D. Robinson
  5. 1998/99 Skybox Premium 3D’s, Kevin Garnett
  6. 1997/98 Fleer Thrill Seekers, Kobe Bryant
  7. 1997/98 Fleer Ultra Ultraabilities Superstar, Kobe Bryant

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