Box Break, 2016 Topps Stadium Club Baseball Blaster

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Brief Product Review

The emphasis of Topps Stadium Club has always been card photography, and 2016’s iteration is no different.  Featuring a minimalist design and full-bleed photos, Topps Stadium Club once again allows collectors to see players in a variety of shots, many of which are posed.  I like the Beam Team and Triumvirate inserts (although I did not pull any from my box).  Having variety is usually a good thing, and it’s nice sometimes to have inserts that focus on design, theme, and player selection and not simply on autographs and relics.  I’m not quite sure who the intended audience for Stadium Club is supposed to be.  Topps Stadium Club seems like a pretty basic set that kids and set builders could appreciate in particular.  But, at least as far as blaster boxes go, the entire box only had 40 cards.  This is about half the number of what can be pulled from other entry level brands such as base Topps, Allen & Ginter, Bowman, and Topps Archives.  Perhaps I need to open a hobby box to get a better assessment of this brand.


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