Box Break, 2016 Bowman Baseball Blaster

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Brief Product Review

The focus of this set is obviously the prospects cards, but truth be told, I feel that Topps overdoes it.  Do we really need a huge stack of base prospects cards, and another huge stack of Chrome prospects?  Much like Topps Heritage High Numbers, it will take some time for the young players to develop to give a better sense of this set.  Also, as I mention in the video, the base cards feel very thin and flimsy to me.  So taken all together, I think what I’d like Topps to do with this set is to get rid of the base prospects cards.  Or perhaps even, remove the base Bowman line all together and focus on the stand alone Bowman Chrome set, Bowman Platinum, and Bowman Draft.  With the plethora of card sets out there, I’m not sure which audience Bowman is intended to attract.


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