Recent Pickups, 1990s Basketball Cards

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In my next video, I showcase a variety of excellent basketball cards from the late 1990s.  These cards are very representative of the types of cards that I most enjoy collecting: Hall of Fame players pictured on relatively rare and flamboyant insert sets.  All of the players showcased in today’s video have retired from the NBA; these cards really take me back in time to a different era of cards, of the NBA, and my life in general:

  1. 1997/98 Upper Deck Diamond Dimensions, Scottie Pippen
  2. 1998/99 Upper Deck Game Jerseys, David Robinson
  3. 1997/98 E-X2001 Essential Credentials Now, Michael Finley
  4. 1997/98 Fleer Ultra Platinum Medallion, Patrick Ewing
  5. 1998/99 Skybox Molten Metal Fusion, Kevin Garnett
  6. 1997/98 Fleer Ultra Star Power Supreme, Allen Iverson
  7. 1997/98 Metal Universe Titanium, Scottie Pippen
  8. 1998/99 Topps Finest Mystery Finest Refractors, Shaquille O’Neal / David Robinson
  9. 1996/97 E-X2000 Credentials, Hakeem Olajuwon
  10. 1998/99 Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems, Tracy McGrady



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evanescent– lasting a very short time; evanescent fame; beauty that is as evanescent as a rainbow


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