Recent Pickups, 1990s Basketball Cards

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I thought that it was time to change things up and discuss some of my recent basketball card pickups.  In today’s videos, I review the following five cards from the 1990s:

  1. 1998/99 Topps Chrome Refractors, Paul Pierce
  2. 1997/98 Metal Universe Championship, Championship Galaxy, Kobe Bryant
  3. 1997/98 Skybox Premium Golden Touch, Scottie Pippen
  4. 1999/00 Skybox Premium More Good Stuff, Shaquille O’Neal
  5. 1997/98 Bowman’s Best Atomic Refractors, Tim Duncan


Word of the Day

imprimatur – official approval; he gave the book his imprimatur; could not begin the project without the boss’s imprimatur


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