Card Collecting Journey, 1998 – 2001

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I entered Iowa State University in the fall of 1998.  My card collection remained at home with my parents.  While my cards were still protected in plastic sleeves or stored in monster boxes (I’d say I had around 35,000 cards at the time), they were largely forgotten during my undergrad years.img_3968  At the same time, my love of professional sports continued to grow – it seemed to me that I no longer needed little pieces of cardboard to enjoy sports as I once did.  After all, by the late 1990s, I could find all of the sports statistics and player information that I wanted via the internet.  Of course, as a broke college student, not having any disposable income to speak of also played a role in my decision to stop collecting.  I did not attend card shows from 1998-2001, did not buy any price guides, nor did I really even think about my cards all that much.  Still, as I will describe in detail in a future “Card Collecing Journey” post, as my undergrad years came to a close, my collection would again manage to see the light of day…

But before I talk about my 2002 reentry into card collecting, I’d first like to note that since I was more or less out of the hobby as the millennium drew to a close, I did not come to appreciate the amazing cards of the late 1990s era until much later in my life.  In my opinion, late 1990s insert sets feature some of the greatest cards of all time.  Card designs, relative scarcity, multiple card manufactures, and a focus on star players keeps me coming back to this era time and time again.  I will be sure to write more about late 1990s cards during future blog posts.  I am always discovering new (to me) inserts and parallel sets from this time period, and find that the more I learn about them, the more I appreciate their awesomeness.

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